The Book

Machiavelli Rage

Two unlikely lovers, Devora and Lazarus, have been banished from a region near Memphis, Egypt, for mixing races and cultures. After their request to hypnotize ancient clans backfires when tribal priests respond with a magical rite, they embark on a pursuit to free Lazarus from the form of a futuristic dog that soon leads them into the midst of supernatural warfare.

After they arrive in Oakland, California, to conduct business with powerful forces, a pregnant Devora and Lazarus soon realize that their unusual experiences are just the start of a shocking chain of events instigated by ancient customs and vampires. As they are unwittingly separated, Devora is led to others enslaved within dark supernatural regimes and an extraordinary ally and the new world’s first Egyptian vampire, Julius Florian.

Unfortunately, he has a rival determined to end all that is normal. Will she and Lazarus ever be reunited?

In this fantastical tale, two lovers travel from ancient Egypt to America where they are soon led on a mystical, paranormal adventure like no other.